Leaders must speak out against intolerance

Actions speak louder than words


During these times, when hate and intolerance are promulgated at the highest levels of government, it’s not enough to say that one’s family is multi-ethnic and multi-religious, and, therefore, you couldn’t be prejudiced against racial and religious minorities.

If you don’t speak out against hate and intolerance, it could be interpreted that you endorse hate and intolerance.

For example, Donald Trump claimed he couldn’t be anti-Semitic because his son-in-law is Jewish and his daughter converted to Judaism. However, when he didn’t unequivocally condemn the neo-Nazi activities in Charlottesville, Va., he was giving the group his tacit approval.

It’s not sufficient to claim that you are a “good person” when you remain silent in the face of injustice.

If you don’t speak out against white-supremacists and Neo-Nazis, then you may be giving them comfort. If you don’t clearly separate yourself from a group that supports, or gives a platform to, hate groups, then you are providing assistance to these groups.

During these trying times, I want my political leaders to be strong and courageous and to speak out loud and clear in opposition to intolerance.

Roberta Steiner


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