Investigators: Blood at Glenville gun store matched suspect

Police continue to look for guns stolen in burglary
Jose Fontanez is a suspect in the Oct. 23 burglary at Target Sports in Glenville.
Jose Fontanez is a suspect in the Oct. 23 burglary at Target Sports in Glenville.

GLENVILLE — Blood found inside the Glenville gun store that was burglarized belonged to one of the the two main suspects in the crime, according to newly available court documents.

Investigators found the blood evidence on glass from the window the suspects broke to get into the store, as well as from a security camera, according to a federal complaint posted Tuesday.

Screening tests linked that blood to Jose Fontanez, according to the complaint against Fontanez. Investigators matched the blood to a sample of Fontanez’s DNA that was on file with the state from a prior conviction, the complaint states.

Investigators had been looking for Fontanez since days after the Oct. 23 heist, in which burglars made off with 67 guns from Target Sports in Glenville.

They caught up with Fontanez at his Schenectady residence Sunday evening. He was arraigned Monday afternoon and was ordered to be jailed. 

Fontanez’s arrest came days after the arrest of the other man police had sought in connection with the case, Christian Roman. 

Fontanez, 36, faces one federal count of theft of firearms from a licensed dealer. Roman faces a federal count of receipt, possession, concealment and storage of a stolen firearm.

Police on Monday called Roman and Fontanez the “two main actors” in the burglary. 

A third person, whom sources identified as a 37-year-old woman named Dalmary Morales-Sepulveda, is being held on unrelated drug and weapons charges but was described by police as a person of interest.

Investigators had recovered about 20 of the 67 stolen guns as of Monday, Glenville Police Chief Steve Janik said. A priority of the ongoing investigation is to recover the rest of the firearms, he said.

Fontanez’s federal criminal complaint largely follows the complaint unsealed against Roman last week. 

The Fontanez complaint, however, includes details about the blood evidence found at the store and on a car that police believe was used in the heist. 

Regarding the security camera where investigators found blood, the complaint does not indicate whether that was inside or outside the store, or whether investigators believe the camera was manipulated.

The store’s camera surveillance system, however, worked throughout the crime and captured images of the dark-clothed suspects as they burgled the store. 

It was the alarm system that authorities said malfunctioned and failed to alert police or the owners to the intrusion. Janik said Monday that investigators have concluded the alarm system simply failed, that the burglars got lucky in that respect.

The complaint against Fontanez also alleges he accompanied Roman to a Schenectady storage unit the evening after the burglary. Inside that unit, investigators found multiple guns and an SUV they believe was used to move them.

Glenville police have been working the case with investigators from the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the state police.

Anyone with information about the burglary or the firearms should contact the Glenville Police Department at 518-384-0135, or the ATF at 1-888-ATF-GUNS (888-283-4867).

Tips can also be sent to the ATF by email at [email protected] or by visiting

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