Plan to expand the Colonie dump stinks

Colonie politicians should move offices to dump


The town of Colonie wants to expand the current Colonie landfill to twice its size.

At its current size, the landfill spews out horrible odors, unknown hazardous materials into the air and Mohawk River and adds unnecessary extra truck traffic to Route 9.

The town of Colonie need this expansion due to the ineptitude of its government fiscal policies. The landfill is supposed to close at the end of 2017, but Colonie needs this revenue.

Obviously the town has no concern about the environment or the health of the residents who live near the landfill.

All the inept town supervisor, Paula Mahan, and the inept Colonie Town Board want is the revenue in order to hide their fiscal ineptitude.

If the person or persons who will be deciding this expansion at the state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) have any compassion for human beings and the environment, they will deny this expansion.

If the DEC approves, then the person or persons who approve this expansion are nothing more than incompetent, uncaring-for-human-beings bureaucrats.

I invite Paula Mahan and the DEC to move their offices next to the current landfill so they can wake up and smell the landfill.

John Kenney

Clifton Park

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