Grateful for response from National Grid

Customer service from National Grid is great


We have been experiencing our lights dimming, on a frequent basis, and decided to call National Grid on Oct. 31.

Within one hour, a serviceman from National Grid was at our door. He did a thorough exam of our electrical box inside and conducted a similar search on the outdoor connections.

The very next day, Ron Cammie and Eric Sapone were at my house doing a field test and discovered that the line coming to the house had been invaded by the squirrels. Although it had been patched before, they requested a new line be installed. And it was, the very next day, just before the big storm the following day.

On Nov. 1, both Ron and Eric were here to follow up and make sure everything was working to my satisfaction. I just couldn’t get over the quick service of all three service departments of National Grid. My hat’s off to those in charge and especially to those who rendered the service with speed and were able to accurately fix the problem.

Peter V. Russo Sr.


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