Control population to save the planet

Planet can't sustain rate of population growth


Global warming most likely will not be controllable until we, as a race, curtail our reproductive rates. Sure, many other things such as heating oil, car fuel, cutting down trees and generally polluting our planet should be controlled as much as possible. But the simple overpopulation of the planet is by far the most detrimental factor.

China had the right idea (30 years ago?) when it implemented the number of children to be limited to one per family. This caused problems there, too, as the balance of male/female genders went out of whack. They did at least recognize the problem. The rest of the world apparently doesn’t get it.

With the extending lifespans and the rate of childbirth today, our planet can’t sustain life without a major event occurring that would wipe out a large portion of the population. Simple facts: The more people we have, the more food that’s needed, more fuel for heat, transportation, etc. and more pollution from waste. The answer is quite simply population control. Good luck, Earth.

Guy Hildreth


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