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Voters should back community park

Vote yes for community park


After the December 2016 vote of the Shenendehowa school board to sell the surplus 34-acre parkland site off Moe Road to a developer, I was so discouraged. Low and behold, a group of activist citizens joined up with the Friends of Clifton Park Open Space and forced a referendum to submit this proposal to the voters.

In rejecting the sale with over 70 percent of the voters unified in opposition, a clear message was sent to the school board for a “do-over.” Fortunately, the school board and the town were able to quickly put together a working team to negotiate the sale to the town of Clifton Park for a fair price of $1.1 million, and this new proposal will be the subject of a voter referendum on Dec. 5.

My family urges yours to show up at Gowana Middle School on Dec. 5 and lend your yes vote to this critically important community initiative. I can think of no better way to start the holiday season with joy than to be among the strong supporters of this new central community park.

Beth Bergman

Clifton Park

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