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Vote yes for community park

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Dec. 5 is an important date for residents of the Shenendehowa school district. After a year of petitions and referendums, we now must take the final, crucial step and vote yes on the sale of the 37 acres to the town of Clifton Park so it can create a beautiful, wooded Shenendehowa central park in the heart of our commercial downtown for all residents of southern Saratoga County to enjoy.

This park will be easily accessible to shoppers, students, senior citizens and visitors to our area. It will connect the Shenendehowa school campus, the Halfmoon/Clifton Park Library, Collins Park and the stores in the mall area with walkable paths under a forest canopy, a place to relax, refresh and enjoy nature.

Because it would be a forest park and is adjacent to the Shen campus, it could serve as a living laboratory for our Shenendehowa students.

I urge all residents to vote yes and help create a true asset for our town and a priceless piece of nature for future generations to enjoy.

Vote yes on Dec. 5 at the Gowana Middle School.

Joseph Nial

Clifton Park

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