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State needs new plan for its energy future

NYPA: Go back to the drawing board


While Gov. Andrew Cuomo has promised to wean New York from fracked gas, the New York Power Authority (NYPA) has plans to tie the state to Pennsylvania shale gas for the next 40 years. A “model” microgrid consisting of the same turbines that are sickening people near compressor stations — a solution which ties us to last century’s solutions rather than the technology of the future, exacerbating the mess our children will have to clean up — is precisely the kind of wrong-headed thinking we don’t need.

Hey. What if the Sheridan Hollow community — which all will agree may have a major environmental chip on its shoulder from that trash incinerator — proposed getting its heat and electricity by situating a turbine in the Egg or Concourse?

The two Taurus 70 turbines proposed for the old Answers plant would produce about 63,000 metric tons of CO2 [carbon dioxide] annually from burned fuel and, at a conservative 5.8 percent rate, would leak an additional 1,328 metric tons of methane.

Applying methane’s Global Warming Potential of 86 over 20 years, the life cycle fugitive methane impact expressed as carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e) would be 114,208 metric tons annually. This is about 180,000 metric tons of CO2e that should not happen and a clear indicator that NYPA thinking on this catastrophe must be happening in a vacuum chamber.

NYPA: Go back to the drawing board. Put a solar farm on some marginal state land. Use the Hudson River for geothermal heating and cooling. Get back to us when you’ve got that written up.

Dennis Higgins


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