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After turkey, Black Friday shopping begins

Black Friday shopping began early for many at Toys R Us on Thanksgiving
Toys R Us in Clifton Park opened it's doors at 5 pm on Thanksgiving night.
Toys R Us in Clifton Park opened it's doors at 5 pm on Thanksgiving night.

Lines of people ready to cash out formed at the Toys R Us in Clifton Park within a half hour of the 5 p.m. opening on Thanksgiving.

Josie Laposta scoured the shelves in search of toys for her grandson as she glanced at her list on her cellphone.

Though the Clifton Park resident has been a Black Friday shopper for nearly 30 years, it was the first year she was out on Thanksgiving.

“I have to work tomorrow and my daughter is going back to school, so we wanted to get a head start on our Christmas shopping,” she said.

Laposta was shopping for a Talking Elmo and VTech electronic learning toys.

“I’m surprised by how busy it is,” she said of Toys R Us. “The deals aren’t too bad.”

Laposta said depending upon what item shoppers are in search of, the deals on Black Friday could be worth the trip.

“It’s different today with technology, so some of the best deals are online,” she said. “The best deals I’ve seen are on electronics and household items.”

In the future, Laposta anticipates continuing her Black Friday shopping tradition.

“You can really save a lot of money,” she said. “And you work hard for your money, so why not save as much of it as you can?”

Rob Derlick of Colonie has gone out with his son and nephew for the past five years.

“We wanted to see the craziness and work off the turkey we ate,” he said. “It’s a boys night.”

Derlick said Black Friday is a good opportunity to save money on big ticket items.

“Most of the time you can find the items you want at a good price online, but it’s fun to go out and do it,” he said. “We could care less that we’re not at home.”

Derlick added, “It’s a chance to bond with my son and nephew.”

Virginia Mooney of Troy was pushing a cart around Toys R Us while her sister, Jennifer Plant of Cohoes, filled it with toys for her children.

“I get to spend time with my sister, so I’m happy,” Mooney said. “It’s a great way to save some money.”

Plant said deals on Black Friday have gotten less impressive over the years.

“Stores aren’t offering good prices overall,” she said. “But when you’re trying to save a couple of bucks, it’s worth the trip.”

Though Plant said shoppers would still be able to take advantage of Black Friday deals throughout the weekend, it’s best to grab what’s on your list as soon as possible.

“The deals will still be here, but they sell out on things,” she said. “It’s better to get what you want now rather than wait and take a chance.”

Plant added that while she wasn’t happy to be shopping on Thanksgiving, it was a financial decision.

“I wish they weren’t open and that the employees were at home enjoying Thanksgiving with their families,” she said. “I wish I was at home with my kids, but I’m not in the position financially to not be out here tonight.”

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