Your most memorable gifts

Our social media audience weighs in on Christmas gifts they loved

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We asked our readers on Facebook to tell us about the most memorable gift they’d ever received. Here’s some of their stories:

“My sweet sister and I used to have a competition and always try to out do each other by giving each other a very special gift on special occasions. A few years ago, she was actively dying of cancer but said she was trying to make it to my birthday. Unfortunately she passed about a week before. When I got home from work the day of my birthday, there was a box outside my front door saying to open right away. Inside were two live lobsters, live clams, corn on the cob, cheesecake, and a letter from my now deceased sister saying, have a wonderful birthday, make a mess of yourself! She won.” — Margaret Ann

“My [boyfriend] always gets me the most heart warming little things: whale tails necklace while in Alaska , a new tea set after our first date to a tea place, framed photos of my kids for my walls in my new place, the gift of respect — that’s a huge one. They are all meaningful, memorable and induce salty discharge from my eyes.” — Bethany Jenkinson

“A pink crib for my doll from the Fort Johnson Fire Department when I was around 8 years old. They delivered gifts to my family. We had seven kids then. Really loved that crib and appreciated it.” — Eileen Vargas

“My most memorable gift was from my grandmother it was a box of encouraging letters … didn’t mean so much when she gave it to me but after she passed away it meant so much to me.” — Mike Lemons

“My Mary Poppins and Bewitched dolls!” — Mary Salvino

“This isn’t my story, but it’s the best Christmas story I was ever told. My husband’s grandmother was born in 1938. She shared that her best Christmas was in 1950 when at 12 years old she got a orange as a gift. Due to the war and the struggles of the years before that Christmas she had never had a orange before. I often think of this when my children give me a list so crazy, that there once was a girl who was over the moon for a orange. That small fruit made a memory she still thinks about and shares.” — Rebecca Morreale

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