Flag protesters are sending message

America has been awakened

A recent letter writer stated that he had been a football fan since 1948. My friends and I played football and had our favorite players and teams. As we grew into manhood, we watched every game we could, and football taught us how to be good sports.

The recent flap about football players taking a knee is to bring the news about black people being killed by the police in every corner of our country. It wasn’t about showing disrespect toward our country or flag. It wasn’t about hatred of our flag or country. It was to bring out what was happening to black men and children.

Our president avoided service during the Vietnam conflict and hid while others died. How dare he act patriotic, as his actions show him to be a coward. I believe those who are saying it is unpatriotic for blacks and Caucasians to take a knee are bigots. I applaud the team owners for sticking by their players and showing respect.

For too long, the American people have closed their eyes to what is happening. There’s evidence on videotape, and most don’t believe what is in front of their eyes. I watch football every Sunday. I served as many others have, and we will continue to serve. The fact is we have good cops and bad cops. I thank God for the good ones and I pray for those who have been denied life because of the bad ones.

Thanks to Colin Kaepernick, America has been awakened to the senseless killings, as well as the plight of black men and children. This is something my four sons never had to worry about. I thank God for this and I will pray for those who woke America up.

Gary Philip Guido


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