Kirk Douglas to turn 101, celebrate with party

He called his sister in Schenectady on Friday
Anne and Kirk Douglas at their home in Los Angeles.
Anne and Kirk Douglas at their home in Los Angeles.

Issur Danielovitch Demsky turns 101 today, but he started the birthday celebration a day early Friday by placing a phone call to his 98-year-old sister, Ida Sahr, in Schenectady.

Demsky, known to most of us as Kirk Douglas, was born in Amsterdam on Dec. 9, 1916. The famous movie actor, who lives just outside of Los Angeles, was at his home Friday afternoon when he contacted his younger sister by phone. After some technical glitches were worked out, the two Amsterdamian natives were able to talk and see each other via Facebook Live.

“They were able to exchange greetings, and Ida sang him happy birthday, and that really seemed to touch him,” said Marilyn Gordon, Kirk’s neice and Ida’s daughter. “They were able to see each other and I can tell you, Uncle Kirk is doing great. They’re going to have a big party for him (Saturday).

“He is doing very well and my mom, who’s going to be 99, is holding her own,” she said. “They had a good chat, and were very excited to talk to each other.”
Gordon said none of her immediate family members heard the reports on some social media sites reporting that Douglas had died earlier in the week. A web site, “Action News,” reported that Douglas had died, and at 11 a.m. Wednesday a Facebook page was created, “R.I.P Kirk Douglas,” offering fans to send in their condolences.

“No, I didn’t hear any of that, and we don’t pay any attention to social media,” she said.

Back in 2014, People Magazine incorrectly published an obit of Douglas that accidentally appeared on its web site.

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