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Vote on town hall now would be premature

A vote can't happen overnight


In response to the Dec. 1 editorial, “Let voters vote on town hall,” the Duanesburg Town Board felt it necessary to clarify several points that were expressed.

First and foremost, no final decision on a relocation of Town Hall has been, or will be made, until the residents that our board serves are fully informed and have an opportunity to provide input and express opinions.

Secondly, regarding permitting the residents to vote, the board absolutely has no objection to this.

However, it’s early in what will be a long process. It’s premature to have a vote on this potential action when the board doesn’t have a handle on the ultimate scope and costs. Once these details have been determined, the board will hold a public hearing and a walk-through of the property. There will be time for the residents to request a vote at a more appropriate time should it be desired. This board wouldn’t move ahead with something this impactful if it were against the wishes of a majority of the town’s residents.

Thirdly, the editorial urged the board to enlist an engineer to fully scope a potential move. The board couldn’t agree more. That is why the board has already done this. We have met with our town’s engineering firm several times and will be meeting with them again this week. It’s precisely why a vote at this point doesn’t make sense.

There are numerous reasons why the board unanimously agrees that this move deserves serious consideration. These details will be documented and presented to residents at a public hearing as soon as it is practical. The board can’t do this before it is prepared to provide answers to the many questions that our residents will want answered.

Roger Tidball


The writer it the town supervisor.

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