Our generation is leaving kids a mess

Work harder to clean up the mess


It appears that all we are going pass on to the younger generation a list of the following things they would rather not have, such as violence, greed, sex allegations, widespread crime and killings. and political opposition. It’s so sad that we can’t pass on a better outlook. As hard as we try, we still are putting ourselves in a bad situation.

Look around you. Can you see anyone who is willing to try to work for the better of anything. There’s always one or a few who like to spoil the outcome. As time goes by, it’s getting worse with no end in sight. Things are at a downward spiral, which is out control. All over at every level, we find a problem with something that makes it harder for all of us. Just read the newspaper or watch the television to be informed about our bright outlook — if you can find one.

The younger generation is in for a rocky road which is not getting any better. It’s too bad that our generation didn’t all work a little harder together. Then we would not have this mess.

Walter “Neal” Brazelle


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