Proctors employees helped find purse

Grateful to Proctors employees


On Dec. 3, my friend and I attended “The Nutcracker” at Proctors. We first were in the Guild Room, then found our seats in the orchestra.

A few minutes, later my friend realized she did not have her purse. She looked all around her seat and couldn’t find it. During intermission, we went back to the Guild Room and looked around, but didn’t see it. We even had a small boy who was there climb under the table, but he said there was nothing there.

After the show, we checked her car and did not see it. By now, my friend was a nervous wreck. We returned to the box office and told the story to a pleasant employee, who listened patiently to us, calmed us down, and arranged for someone to open the Guild Room.

A young man from housekeeping was already waiting for us in the room. I crawled under the table with the table cloth, hanging all the way to the floor, and found the purse.

We are very thankful that Proctors has such good employees who efficiently helped us in distress.

Helen Steiner


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