Republican unhappy with GOP’s actions

Country before party


I was disappointed to see my favorite senator, John McCain, vote in favor of the Republican tax bill. With a complete split along party lines, this bill is unbalanced and polluted with special interests.

While a low- to middle-income taxpayer may save $1,100 to $2,500 immediately, is it really worth it? Why not leave the tax code as is for now until meaningful bipartisan reform can be realized? Is the tax status quo really so terrible?

The doubling of the standard deduction is mostly offset by the elimination of the personal exemption(s). Hits to graduate education run counter to what is good for our country. President Trump is so desperate to pass legislation that he runs afoul of basic ethics. Witness his position on Roy Moore. 

I am a disappointed Republican who longs for the leadership of ones like John or Bobby Kennedy. Country before party.

Michael Crowley


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