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Film incentives only help Cuomo 2020

Cuomo using NY to get White House


There have been many articles about the failure of our governor and his state economic development programs trying to bring jobs back to New York state. These failed programs consist of state tax credits ($4.6 billion since 2011) for new jobs.

The film industry tax incentives also consist of tax credits for filming in the state and are a cash cow for Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The governor has received $860,000 in political donations from the film industry from California and another $400,000 from studios based in New York City.

New York state spends $420 million a year for tax incentives for the film industry. This industry does little to support any long-term jobs. They shoot their movies and leave the area, taking along a huge tax break. They can amount to as much as 40 percent of what they spend. 

Many states have stopped their film incentives for lack of a monetary return. Yet, our governor continues to give these tax breaks away. Taxpayer money out, political donations in his pocket. Gov. Cuomo has his eye on being a potential 2020 presidential candidate. Remember New York City and the large cities in New York, along with California, largely vote Democratic. President Andy and First Girlfriend Sandra Lee — they make a great couple.

Jay Janczak

Ballston Spa

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