Schenectady needs a real good cleaning

Mayor's priorities are mixed up

Once again the powers-that-be are making a laughingstock of the wonderful city of Schenectady.

Forget that the mayor made TV commercials with scantily dressed women.

Forget that there’s a litter epidemic in the city. This time, city operatives want to address train noise.

Seneca Street runs perpendicular to the Mohawk Harbor development.

The newly erected buildings are tall enough so that people living in apartments or guests staying in hotel rooms can look across the street and see an unsightly view of the area.

Litter is visible. Noise is not. The casino doesn’t have curbside appeal. Noticeable dead weeds dance along Erie Boulevard.  Elected officials and Metroplex emphasize new development in the city, but they constantly overlook maintenance for the projects.

You can’t wear a designer’s gown to the ball and arrive with a dirty face. The city needs a good physical cleaning. Get your priorities straight, folks.

Mary B. McClaine


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