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The Daily Gazette’s best of 2017: Restaurants

Provence, Braeburn Tavern among standouts
Sauteed duck breast at Provence in Guilderland.
Sauteed duck breast at Provence in Guilderland.

Gazette restaurant reviewers Caroline Lee and Beverly M. Elander introduced readers to dozens of restaurants in 2017. These are their favorites:

Caroline Lee

  • Provence in Guilderland — “Everything was perfect: well-paced timing of the meal that left a bit of time between courses to allow one to digest (in both senses) what one ate; the understated but superb service; and of course, the wonderful food.” (Review)
  • Fish at 30 Lake in Saratoga Springs — “We’re a tough crowd, but we liked everything. Mazzone restaurants set a high bar, and Fish at 30 Lake bounded over it. The experience was delightful and the food and service impeccable.” (Review)
  • Charlton General Store in Charlton — “It is homey and welcoming, with a pineapple sign on the wide, low porch that says just that.” (Review)
  • Mangino’s in Saratoga Lake — “There’s pizza and you can get a burger at the bar, but what you want is an entree, which comes with homemade fresh Italian bread and accoutrements.” (Review)
  • Salt and Char in Saratoga Springs — “You probably want to know about the steak, so let’s get to it. You can go low, as with the $29 husky hangar steak or small filet ($38), or all out with a tomahawk ribeye steak on a theatrically long frenched bone ($125).” (Review)

Beverly M. Elander

  • Braeburn Tavern, Saratoga Springs — “The thinner cut of swordfish made it difficult to grill without overcooking, but the fresh mango avocado salsa restored the moistness. Perched on a platform of black beans and rice, it was a most agreeable dish.” (Review)
  • Cornell’s, Schenectady — “Spaghetti with crab and chilies: One did not have to work to create a balanced mouthful of heaven complete with a touch of heat.” (Review)
  • Dave’s Gourmet Burgers, Schenectady — “Approximately 22 different burgers made of kangaroo, venison, alligator, wild boar, rabbit, lamb and ordinary and Kobe beef (and vegetarian).” (Review)
  • Cock ‘n Bull, Galway — “A gas fireplace and two wood-burning fireplaces warm the rooms. A brief walk up a ramp leads to what might have been an attached woodshed and then the warm, charming tavern area with a bar and a few high-topped tables.” (Review)
  • Sake Bon, Schenectady — “The airy mound of [soft-shell crab] pieces were crispy and delicate, garnished with cilantro leaves and served with a sweet citrus chili sauce. I was entranced by both appearance and flavor.” (Review)
  • Valentino’s, Amsterdam (runner up: for longevity, authentic Italian, charm) (Review)

Best of 2017: The full list

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