Keep illegal immigrants, drug criminals in jail

Slap in face of officers who risk their lives
Gov. Andrew Cuomo at the state Capitol in Albany on April 5, 2017.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo at the state Capitol in Albany on April 5, 2017.

So our compassionate caring fearless leader of New York pardons illegal immigrants who are in prison. This is our governor who was sworn to protect and uphold the laws of our state and nation.

He gives these pardons to show President Trump that comrade Cuomo will not be pushed around and told he should enforce the laws of his state and nation. I found the little side note that the reporter stated this one particular illegal immigrant was arrested for selling a small amount of cocaine to an undercover police officer. So other than being in this country illegally and selling a controlled substance, he seems to a great guy. Raise your hand if you want him living next to you and your family. Any takers? I am guessing no.

This is a slap in the face of the officers who risk their lives to get drug dealers off the street and put them in prison for dealing drugs. I think instead of pushing back, we let the liberal socialist followers keep doing what they are doing. During the next election, a simple question can be asked:

Do you want a governor who puts illegal immigrants on the street so they can deal drugs to your kids, or are you going to vote for the person who says I think we should keep illegal immigrants who deal drugs on our streets in jail until they are deported? Which one will you vote for?

Robert Sponable


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