Why the continued fawning over former Niskayuna supervisor?

Joe Landry doesn't deserve honor
Former Niskayuna Supervisor Joe Landry.
Former Niskayuna Supervisor Joe Landry.

So my faith in the American voter was restored when incumbent Joe Landry was defeated by Republican newcomer Yasmine Syed for Niskayuna town supervisor this past November. 

Now I read where a Donald Trump-style “love fest” was recreated at Landry’s final 2017 Niskayuna Town Board meeting and baseball fields are to be named in his honor. Hello. This isn’t about baseball or naming ball fields. This is about Niskayuna voters voting against bullying tactics directed at town employees and political candidates. 

I also see where board member Denise Murphy McGraw still plans on seeking Landry’s “continual counsel” after his departure. What’s that about? 

I suggest McGraw, as well as the other board members, get with the program as voiced by the people of Niskayuna and support the new town supervisor. If not, I hope to see the voters do the right thing on future election days.

John Templer


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