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America must act to protect its borders

Without laws, we lose our right to protection


As our congressmen and senators contemplate the budget and the fate of the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival) program, there are many issues to consider. 

Although this program was made legal in 2012, it has perpetuated and encouraged illegal activities by millions of people wishing to immigrate to our country, and it has encouraged illegal activities by elected officials in our country.

The promise of “free” benefits such as welfare, medical care and education has produced an understandable tsunami of undocumented people across our unprotected borders. These “free” services are bankrupting state and local governments. And in our state, the local taxpayers suffer under the state mandates to cover these programs. 

In many communities, murders, rapes, sex trafficking and drugs are the dangerous byproducts of this uncontrolled wave. The United States is a country, which as defined, has borders. Immigration must be controlled to ensure the people entering the country will be a benefit to the country.

The number of immigrants must be controlled to ensure assimilation to American principles of self government and of a constitutional republic. 

If the laws of immigration are not upheld, as in sanctuary cities, neither will our rights of protection under the law be protected.

Elected officials must uphold the rule of law as an example to all of their constituents, and federal officials must stop the enticements promoting illegal immigration.

Diane Clements

Burnt Hills

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