Flood warning extended for Schenectady

Temperatures expected to rise above freezing going into weekend
Ice builds up Monday on the Mohawk River along Riverview Road in Rexford.
Ice builds up Monday on the Mohawk River along Riverview Road in Rexford.

A flood warning is still in effect as another potential thawing could occur this weekend, according to the National Weather Service in Albany.

Ice jams appeared along the Mohawk River over the weekend after temperatures went from freezing during the week to above 60 degrees near the end of the week, then back down to freezing during the weekend.

The National Weather Service extended the flood warning on Monday until 9 a.m. Wednesday. 

Meteorologist John Quinlan said while temperatures are expected to stay in the 30s throughout the week, they’re expected to rise to a high of 35 degrees on Friday and a high of 47 degrees on Sunday.

Quinlan said it’s too early to say whether there will be more flooding. He said it depends on whether it rains and if warm winds come through.

“If we get rain early next week, it may further exacerbate problems,” Quinlan said.

Flooding over the weekend caused the closure of several roads in the Stockade district of the city, including Ingersoll Avenue and Cucumber Alley.

However, one development was able withstand the rising water of the Mohawk River.

Mohawk Harbor, which was developed by the Rotterdam-based Galesi Group, had its first test with floodwaters over the weekend, and, according to project manager Steve Luciano, it passed with flying colors.

Luciano said the entire site, which includes office buildings, apartment buildings and a Dunkin’ Donuts, was raised above the 100-year floodplain. 

When the developers built the parking lots and buildings, they had to dump fill, or dirt, in the floodplain. But because this could cause higher water levels in the river, they shaved off 60,000 yards of the river bank along the harbor to make up for what was put in the floodplain.

Luciano did admit the parking garage underneath the River House apartment complex is within the floodplain, but said the entry points going into the parking garage are all raised above it.

Luciano praised engineers from Bergmann Associates and Hershberg and Hershberg, both from Albany, for their work.

“This was a good test,” Luciano said. “We are prepared at Mohawk Harbor.”

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