Glenville needs new roundabout

Ease the bottlenecking
The intersection at question.
The intersection at question.

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In response to concerns about increased traffic in Glenville due to the development of Schenectady’s Mohawk Harbor site, I believe that the best solution is to construct a five-leg roundabout at Thomas Corners, where Route 50 intersects with Freeman’s Bridge, Airport and Worden roads.

Many town residents avoid the busy intersection by taking a less direct route along Swaggertown Road and Dutch Meadows Lane to reach Freeman’s Bridge.

A roundabout would enable motorists to easily access Thomas Corners from Route 50 or Worden Road without having to sit at a red light for several minutes.

Yielding traffic at the roundabout would also create small breaks in the exiting northbound traffic on Route 50, which could alleviate the frequent backups on the road that result from long lines of traffic sitting at the light.

The current traffic flow on Route 50 often fails to reach 35 mph within the posted 40 mph speed limit, to the frustration of motorists.

Additionally, the removal of traffic lights at three intersections would save operating costs once a roundabout is constructed.

Improving the driving experience of residents and visitors is essential to the overall improvement of the busy corridor.

David Nosek


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