#MeToo is about assault, not romance

'No' still means 'no'


Re Jan. 14 letter, “Country is headed back to Puritan age”: Wow. Jim Schaefer, you really don’t understand the concept of #MeToo. It has nothing to do with romance.

Sexual assault and sexual harassment are acts of violence, not love. Acknowledging the rights of victims, (women and men and children alike), to say no and be respected has nothing to do with Victoria’s Secret, mini-skirts or breast implants. Society needs to address these rights; there have to be consequences for the perpetrators. 

As far as your reference to “the trickery of all the gold-diggers,” yes, there are some who will lie and cheat. But we can’t dismiss the undisputed fact of countless legitimate victims because of that. Don’t worry, #MeToo doesn’t signal the demise of romance. You can still enjoy fine wine and chocolate and a cozy evening by the fireplace with someone you love.

Beverly Skoll


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