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GOP has earned people’s criticism

POTUS' behavior speaks for itself

Some people complain that there’s excessive criticism of the current president of the United States (POTUS), the administration and GOP leadership. While I agree that there’s much criticism, there’s also much to criticize. Whatever you think the reason is, you can find some supporting evidence. This reflects the POTUS, administration officials and elected GOP officials having differing motivations and modus operandi.

The POTUS’s narcissism manifests itself with a craving for adulation, i.e. being perceived as “strong” and “smart” (as he defines them) and for being wealthy. He can’t stand criticism, legitimate or not, and responds to critics with snark. He has a limited attention span, inconsistent policies and a tendency to resort to schmoozing, bullying, exaggerating, spinning and lying. These characteristics provide ample opportunities for criticism.

The administration includes propagandists untethered from reality, along with social crusaders blindly committed to various causes and willing to ignore contradictory evidence and adverse consequences. Add an assortment of overactive egos and ambitions into the mix. There are more fertile grounds for words and actions that deserve criticism.

GOP-elected officials solicit donations from the ultra-wealthy that they spend to persuade voters to elect them. The tax giveaway of 2017 will buy the GOP donations from the wealthy for years to come. The money will be used to placate some voters, to pay for emotional appeals to specious patriotism or against imaginary enemies, and to broadcast propaganda and lies. In the meantime, GOP officials tolerate a defective POTUS if it furthers their goals. It’s not that the GOP leadership hates the middle class. Rather, they just don’t care deep down. Serve the ultra-wealthy, manipulate the rest — another formula that generates criticism.

Once upon a time, GOP leadership was honorable and GOP administrations earned admiration and loyalty. Sadly, the GOP has largely morphed into the party of greed, opportunism and propaganda. The 2018 midterm elections will be the next big opportunity to send the GOP a message on what it’s become, a thumbs-down.

Jim Schlembach

Ballston Lake

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