Immigrant attacks an assault on freedoms

U.S. is considered 'melting pot'

With all this negative talk from the president about immigrants, let’s not forget that with the exception of Native Americans, we (including the president) are all here as a result of immigrants coming to this beloved United States of America. 

So as many make every attempt to put down immigrants, hopefully we will proudly affirm that we are here as a result of our family being immigrants. The United States is considered the “melting pot” where people from all over the world have come to partake in freedom of and from religion, freedom of the press, speech, assembly and all the other freedoms afforded to us by our Constitution.

Anyone who attempts to weaken those freedoms or to put down immigrants as unworthy is a threat to the values of our nation and our own personal immigrant history. 

As responsible citizens, I hope we take action against those who intend to undermine those freedoms and voice objections toward certain people, no matter from what country they have come.

Bill Shapiro


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