Baffled by extra pay for weather work

Example of voodoo economics
Litter lines the sidewalks on garbage day last July on Van Vranken Avenue in Schenectady.
Litter lines the sidewalks on garbage day last July on Van Vranken Avenue in Schenectady.

The current dysfunction in Washington is surely enough for all of us to question the mental capacity of some of our leaders, not the least of which is our president. That said, I now have to question the mental capacity of our elected officials here in Schenectady.

Why would anybody in their right minds agree to pay our fine sanitation workers an additional $2 per hour from December to March? In my research, I have yet to find any other public or private entity that increases pay based on weather. 

When a person applies for a job picking up our trash, are they not aware that it gets cold in the winter? What happens if the temperature reaches 62, as it did a few weeks ago?

Does the employee then forego the additional $2? Are they paid the additional $2 for the four holidays during this period, or for sick time used, or for vacation time taken? 

This is opening the proverbial Pandora’s Box. Who’s next to request weather pay? Our code enforcement folks? Our traffic department who may want to forgo issuing tickets from December to March? Mr. Mayor and city council, what were you thinking in approving such an indefensible contract concession?

My wonderful Gazette delivery lady is out at 4 a.m. every morning doing what she agreed to do, deliver the paper whatever the temperature, without being paid extra because it’s cold.

Next time we have an election, let’s screen the candidates to ensure that their brains function with some modicum of intelligence.

James Brodie


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