Erie intersections are not safe for walkers

Pedestrians beware, roundabout not user friendly


I have read with interest the news accounts of the car-pedestrian incident at the intersection of Union Street and Erie Boulevard in downtown Schenectady. Pedestrians crossing with a walk signal there are not safe.  

They should also be vigilant two blocks further south, where Erie crosses State Street, and some vehicles (including commercial vehicles) like to turn right on red despite the presence of a walk light for pedestrians, and a large sign that lights up with the warning “No right turn on red” when the walk signal is in effect.  

Recently, while I was crossing Erie Boulevard westbound, the walk signal and the “no right turn” sign offered me no protection from an impatient right-turner (possibly casino-bound), who even honked at me as I held up my left hand like a traffic cop.  

Pedestrians shouldn’t have to direct traffic.  They might make better use of their time taking down license plate numbers.

Roger Sheffer


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