Repair Cafe more than just for poor

Taking pride in do-it-yourself projects
Niskayuna retiree Dave West is starting the Repair Cafe.
Niskayuna retiree Dave West is starting the Repair Cafe.

Repair Cafe Schenectady is grateful for the attention in the Jan. 29 High Notes section, but I must take issue with the wording in the piece. We aim to serve everyone, regardless of income, at our Repair Cafes.  

Certainly one benefit of repairing items is that it saves people money. But there are other important benefits such as keeping objects out of the waste stream, and saving energy by repairing, rather than replacing, one’s belongings.

There can also be a sentimental aspect, as beloved items are repaired rather than being tossed. There is benefit to those who make the repairs, too. You just plain feel good when you use your skills to help someone. 

We take pride in teaching people how to make their own repairs and believe this leads to self improvement and empowerment. This is a core value of our initiative. 

Dave West

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