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Extend broadband line in Duanesburg

Where's the cable?

On Jan. 31 Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that 99.9 percent of New Yorkers now have access to broadband. I live in Schenectady County. My 23 neighbors on Creek Road and I still don’t have access to broadband. In fact, almost half the residents of the town of Duanesburg don’t have access to broadband.

A public hearing was held Jan. 16 to discuss the proposed new franchise agreement between Charter/Spectrum, the town of Duanesburg and other municipalities. The meeting was well attended by residents, most of whom were interested in line extension. When asked directly about extending line in the town, Charter representatives flatly refused to provide the universal service promised by the governor, the state Broadband Program Office and the state  Public Service Commission (PSC). 

Charter clearly stated it is a for-profit company and will not extend service beyond the minimum requirements of the PSC. Further, they said they have a fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders to maximize profit. That statement effectively shut down further conversation about line extension.

So, Gov. Cuomo, when will I and the rest of the town of Duanesburg have access to broadband?

Annabel V. Felton

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