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Trump had delivered on his promises

All Americans are dreamers


What a wonderful and encouraging report President Trump gave us in his State of the Union Address. It’s true what he said, that there are more factories and businesses coming in, bringing jobs and financial security to families, decreasing the unemployment rate and creating stability in our communities. Part of this is because he is cutting back on regulations and the time it takes for approvals for businesses to be established. Bravo for him. And part of it is because he’s becoming more stringent in his immigration policies, thereby leaving more job openings for American citizens, which I also applaud.

I’m the daughter of an immigrant, a man who worked two jobs as I was growing up in order to provide for his family and to pay for a home to live in. But not all newcomers are here for good purposes, as Trump pointed out. 

 With the lottery system, those who would do harm to us and our land can simply wait until one of their numbers is drawn and then bring in numerous others with criminal intent or terroristic plans, which they have done. Who wants that? Nonetheless, I saw that many members of Congress were scornful, unappreciative and stone-faced at accomplishment after accomplishment. Is that putting country first, or is it pure jealousy and politics? 

Even when our president pointed out that “America has dreamers, too,” some supposed representatives were rude and indifferent. They came across as stubborn toddlers throwing a temper tantrum. And when they stormed out without respecting their colleagues or their president, they came across a sore losers, which I believe they will be in the next election.

Theresa Pettograsso


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