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VP Mike Pence doesn’t want peace for Koreas

He sat unmoved during Winter Games
Vice President Mike Pence.
Vice President Mike Pence.

Martin Luther King Jr. was killed shortly after he made his famous speech declaring the United States the greatest purveyor of violence throughout the world. I recalled those words as Mike Pence sat resolutely unmoved while the rest of the audience cheered the peace efforts of North and South Korea walking out, under one flag, for the Winter Games.

Vice President Pence sat pouting like a spoiled child with the dashed hopes of spilling the blood of 25 million people and the chance to display to the world our military might. After all, we just threw another $700 billion at our Department of War — “all dressed up with nowhere to go?” But he can rest assured that the extreme sanctions we have imposed will bring about the starvation of an estimated 60,000 North Korean children.

Perhaps Flint, Mich., should have come up with the idea of building a nuclear weapon. They could have used it as a bargaining chip for clean drinking water.

Deborah Krol

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