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Respect the office of the president

Where's the courtesy shown to Obama?


It’s a good thing that our Constitution protects our right to speak out. Sharing our views on any topic can bring about change, clarify an issue, or at least generate healthy dialogue. But what’s the purpose of resorting to petulant name-calling, especially without supplying factual information with which to substantiate the attitude? What’s the purpose in spewing inaccurate “facts” to vehemently bring home a point that one objects to President Trump?

We, the people, elected President Trump partly because he is not a politician, but a businessman who knows how to get things done; partly because he knows our government needs to be redirected to work for the people; partly because he has great ideas to get our country back on track to working together; and mostly because this man happens to genuinely love this nation. One doesn’t have to love the man, but, for goodness sake, respect the office that he holds.

What’s the issue with his cabinet members? Our president has chosen people who will work to accomplish his agenda. Of course, some of these leaders are older, richer and wise. Isn’t that the type of successful expertise needed? He has also chosen many who are younger than he is (the vice president and secretary of the treasury among them), accomplished women, and a doctor. To call the president a “white supremacist” is just plain wrong.

If  President Trump hadn’t been elected, we, the people, would still not know the degree to which Hillary Clinton/Clinton Foundation/and some operatives in the Democratic Party violated the laws of this country because the “swamp” would have continued to thrive. Are we already in the midst of another Civil War, using words instead of bullets? I believe in the work our president is trying to accomplish. I believe in God and I’m a patriot of the United States of America.

Linda Feuz


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