Immigrants should adopt U.S. culture

Whose culture should exist?


I was amazed by the ignorance displayed by Marty Shanty in her Jan. 16 letter criticizing President Trump’s immigration policy.

Yes, the population of United States is made up of immigrants and their descendants. However, those who came to America chose to assimilate into the American society and take up the American culture that is the envy of the world – not to remain in the culture from which they came.

Statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau show troubling trends: 44.6 percent of Californians age 5 and older don’t speak English at home; in Texas, 35.6 percent don’t speak English at home; New Mexico, 34.5 percent; New Jersey, 31.7 percent; and New York, 31 percent speak no English at home.

Across the entire United States, fully 21.6 percent, or 65 million U.S. residents, speak no English at home.

The unique American culture can’t continue to exist with its superior results until newcomers incorporate into the body American and willingly accept what was established as the American culture.

Think about it. Whose culture do you want to adopt?

George S .Van Schaick


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