Man found guilty in ‘Facebook Live’ shooting case

He faces up to 15 years in prison
Anthony Logan arrives in the courthouse for closing arguments Tuesday.
Anthony Logan arrives in the courthouse for closing arguments Tuesday.

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SCHENECTADY — A man who was shot by police last year as a bystander broadcast the incident on Facebook Live was found guilty Thursday of charges related to the incident.

Anthony Logan faces up to 15 years in prison for criminal possession of a weapon. He was also convicted of other charges related to the shooting, but those are misdemeanors and do not extend the term of his sentence.

Logan, 23, was charged following the June 5 standoff at 535 Mumford St. that ended when police opened fire after he made a motion with what they believed was a gun. 

Logan was hit twice. The incident began when police responded to a domestic violence report.

Logan was eventually charged with choking his wife, but the jury acquitted him on that misdemeanor charge because prosecutors couldn’t locate his wife to testify at trial.

The most serious count against Logan, the weapons charge, involved a bag that police officers saw Logan throw to a neighboring building early in the standoff. Inside the bag was a sawed-off rifle.

Officer testimony and Logan’s DNA found on the gun’s handle helped secure the conviction, prosecutor Christina Tremante-Pelham said.

Logan also faced two counts of menacing and a charge of reckless endangerment for drawing the fire of officers. By making a threatening gesture toward police from behind a solid porch rail, he endangered the public by causing gunfire.

Police and bystanders testified they believed Logan aimed a gun at police, but the investigation revealed Logan had no weapon when he was shot.

Tremante-Pelham cited specifically the testimony of Officer Nicholas Mannix, who was one of two officers standing directly below Logan when Logan made the threatening gesture toward them.

Mannix’s testimony, she said, “I think put the jurors and everyone in the courtroom in [the officers’] shoes during the standoff better than any video or audio could have.”

Mannix told of preparing to get shot and then hearing gunfire from his fellow officers strike the house above him.

Police have previously identified the four officers who fired as Nicholas Giardono, Timothy Rizzo, Douglas Smith and Detective Daniel McDonald.

The incident began with a report that Logan had choked his wife in the upstairs apartment. Arriving officers got no response from inside the building and saw the bag being tossed to the neighboring building. 

Logan’s wife, later in the standoff, came out of the building unharmed.

Logan was also found guilty Thursday of violating a court order by calling his wife from jail and trying to get her to refuse to cooperate with prosecutors.

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