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Stop blaming NRA for mass shootings

Put the blame where it belongs


I feel for the parents and children who were affected by the school shooting in Florida.

As a member of the National Rifle Association (NRA), I am tired of every time there is a shooting, the NRA gets blamed.

The blame in the Parkland shooting falls on the sheriff’s department, the FBI and the school. The promise program the school bears a big part of the blame. Law enforcement is not notified when these kids fight or threaten other kids.

The shooter definitely has a problem. I think he was reaching out with all the trouble he caused in school and at home. But that is no excuse for what he did. He knows right from wrong. I hope they do away with gun-free zones, I don’t believe criminals care about any laws.

The left wants to punish all the gun owners who have done nothing wrong because of a few.

We must remember the Second Amendment was not created solely so we could hunt; it was created to stop tyranny. But the Democrats and the left want to take our guns away so they can have more control over us. They believe they know what is better for us. They think we are stupid. In this next election, let us show them that we know what is good for us. And even if we don’t, their job is to do what we want, not what they want.

I have had guns for over 60 years. In those years, I have never hurt anyone or even let anyone see that I am armed. Furthermore, I have never seen my gun go out and shoot anybody. Remember, people shoot people; guns don’t.

Tony Monte


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