Union fees protect all workers’ rights

Unions are essential

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Here’s a thought. If Mr. Mark Janus can refrain from paying union dues because he disagrees with what they do, despite having benefited from what that union and all of the other unions have accomplished during the past 100 years, does that mean I can stop paying taxes because I disagree with what is being done through federal foreign and domestic policies? Can I refuse to pay local taxes because I wish my street was more adequately plowed? Sometimes, for the greater benefit, our individual concerns need to be subordinate.

This isn’t to say that the members of the unions shouldn’t be trying to mold union policy or that reforms within unions should not be sought. It doesn’t mean that union corruption shouldn’t be prosecuted.

However, this isn’t what this issue is really about. Anti-union forces, which are being led and financed by interests who don’t want to pay people what they are worth in wages, retirements and safety, would like to create an economic oligarchy. Unions, imperfect though they may be, keep that effort in check. 

The American middle class was born on the back of unions, just like the eight-hour workday and any number of other worker protections.

James Cimino


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