To be safe, teach  all kids at home

Keep kids home and safe


Here’s a solution to school shootings without taking guns away from law-abiding citizens.

My idea would be to have all school-aged children learn from home. 

First, all children would get a state of the art computer, with face recognition monitors. Tracking devices would be placed on each school-age child to be sure they are at their computers during school hours. We could eliminate all the overhead,  maintenance, and supplies.

We could have one teacher, teaching each grade via computer. The cost for education would drop dramatically.

A student who has special needs could have a teacher for each individual need. 

Of course, there would be a need for truant officers to round up the law-breaking kids.

The children could enroll in extracurricular activities through boys and girls clubs.

This would eliminate bullying, school fighting, and all the other social issues faced by kids that we seem to keep throwing money at. 

Think about how much money the taxpayer could save by just putting kids in front of a computer for learning.

It’s no different than video games.

Sounds far-fetched, but we have to do something, right?

Robert Sponable


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