We lost credibility on North Korea

N. Korea is a lost cause


The proposed meeting of the U.S. president and the dictator of North Korea, which has never happened before, and for good reason, will result in a total lack of credibility from here on out to the resolve of the United States to act on behalf of its interests and allies. 

Trump has said repeatedly that if North Korea tries anything, the United States will crush them with fire and fury. On the floor of the United Nations, in front of the whole world, Trump said he would wipe North Korea off the face of the Earth. A very strong stance, but was it just bluster? 

North Korea offers a face-to-face meeting between the two leaders, and Trump jumps at the chance, “Tell them I’ll do it, I accept.” 

Now, North Korea and the world know Trump was just bluffing. It was all bravado. So in the next world crisis, for example if Russia invades Ukraine, and the United States says, “You had better stop or else,” the United States will be seen as a paper tiger. 

Henry Molt


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