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NYPA dragging heels on green energy plan

Where's the energy to use 'green' energy?


What’s become clear is that the New York Power Authority (NYPA) — or whoever is directing it — has neither the imagination nor expertise to envision a 21st century solution to powering the Albany Plaza.

They have played a bait-and-switch game from the start: asking for 16MW of combined-heat-and-power that had to fit into the old ANSWERS plant, and then pretending surprise that no renewable-power bids came in.   

While other capitals around the country have provided heat with geothermal, and electricity with solar, lowering demand with thermal load sharing, NYPA has continued to declare these technologies too complicated for its modest brain trust.  

The NYPA is only able to wrap its head around last century’s solution: a couple of Taurus compressor turbines that will commit Albany to 40 more years of fracked gas.  

The NYPA says it will hold listening sessions on its proposal, but it will seek out the groups it wants input from, which does not include us. 

Here’s the deal, NYPA: First, you don’t have to do it all at once. Second, all the solar doesn’t have to sit on a roof in Sheridan Hollow; it can be located outside the city.

Third, if you want backup, buy a new generator to sit there doing nothing until a power outage.

Fourth, there is no problem with grid reliability, so don’t tell us we need a power plant running 24/7/365 to fix it. Last: Any “listening sessions” must be publicized and open to the public for comment.  

Dennis Higgins


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