Clinton, Democrats have lost their souls

She’s an embarrassment, not only to herself, but the nation.

Well, Hillary Clinton is never satisfied. She was over in India, making money for a speech berating her own race and blaming white men for her loss. She’s an embarrassment, not only to herself, but the nation. Those who pay for her lies are truly ignorant of facts. Even the Democratic Party is starting to distance itself. Funny, I didn’t see any of this in The Gazette. A lot of Democratic stories go under-reported.

Why no stories on Louis Farrakhan and the anti-white, anti-Jewish hate speeches he gives, members of Congress who are tied to him, and other far-left loons? The progressives are ruining the state and the nation, and those who vote for them deserve what they get. The Democratic Party of old is gone. They sold their soul along time ago, and Clinton is a prime example — saying and doing anything for money or votes.

These phony investigations to try to get something on President Trump just make Democrats look foolish. I sometimes wonder if Congressman Adam Schiff is really a spy himself. Notice he backed off all of a sudden, as soon as he knew no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia was forthcoming. On and on. It’s pretty disgusting.

Lastly, to those who write, get the facts straight, no matter what the subject.

Al Marvell


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