Board, supervisor both responsible


Re March 14 letter, “Nisky Dems didn’t question Supervisor Landry’s spending”: In my opinion, the former supervisor had nothing to do with the town board push-back on the bookkeeper, and shouldn’t be part of the conversation. In reality, the bookkeeper is the aggrieved party. Some individuals send anonymous letters to town hall that this person had financial difficulties 30 years ago and this becomes newsworthy. Many individuals have suffered financial setbacks. Responsible town officials should throw anonymous letters in the trash. A town can’t operate on rumors and innuendos.

The comptroller’s office has always been responsible for budget development with the town supervisor. He and former supervisor Joe Landry developed the budget. Landry never had his personal bookkeeper. In fact, the Comptroller should be involved. An additional layer of a personal bookkeeper can sometimes lead to confusion and organizational dysfunction. Our current supervisor didn’t seem to articulate why she needed her own bookkeeper. I agree that the town board and supervisor have major fiduciary responsibilities, but why in addition to the comptroller’s office, did she need her own bookkeeper?

One of her campaign issues focused on her financial expertise. The town board should have asked for reasons and the supervisor should have articulated those reasons. In fact, the town board isn’t responsible for her withdrawal of the request. This was the supervisor’s decision. If this position was needed for the fiscal welfare of the town, then this should have been loudly articulated to the residents by the supervisor.

Hopefully, since it has been reported in the paper that the Supervisor Syed is finally working full time in her position, she and the board will have open lines of communication. Political gridlock only hurts the town. I believe that the town board and the supervisor are both responsible for this bookkeeper fiasco. No one should play the victim role.




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