Lady Liberty replica belongs in Goose Hill



The new Gateway Plaza in downtown Schenectady is looking great. I love the open space and the well designed connectivity between the college, the college housing, downtown, and the Stockade. The design is attractive and really opened the area up nicely in a very functional way.

The Statue of Liberty that was there doesn’t fit in with this new design and should be relocated. This Lady Liberty replica was purchased by the Goose Hill Boy Scout Troop 66 in the early 1950s. For that reason the idea of returning it to Goose Hill is especially poignant. There are several veterans living in the Goose Hill neighborhood who were a part of that Boy Scout troop. What better tribute to them?

Lady Liberty will be respectfully placed in a spot that has a 360 degree visibility from foot and automobile, and incorporated into the planned Goose Hill Veterans memorial.

Yates School, just one block away, will have a tangible reminder of the history of democracy, freedom, military and community service; students of that school, who are frequent users of Steinmetz Park, will learn further about the contributions immigrants (many of whom live in Goose Hill) have made to our country and our community. Let’s keep moving forward in our city’s design and accept the changes that are necessary to reflect our progress.



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