Kids: Don’t give up gun rights so hastily

Gun rally


Recently, a Capital District newspaper proudly featured a photo on its front page of a crowd of Niskayuna High School students in a rally against gun violence and asking for more gun prohibitions and restrictions.

As a warning to you young people, you had better think long and hard before giving up your gun rights, because one they’re gone, you’ll probably never get them back again.

The founders of this country knew all about human nature. They knew all about governments going sour and turning against their own people. With the Second Amendment guarantee to the citizens providing access to the most basic infantry fire, this keeps and has kept this from happening in our country for over 240 years.

Nazi Germany had a huge gun control program in the 1930s. Gun prohibitions and confiscations made it much easier to cart the Jewish people off on trains to the gas chambers. 

Conversely, the Jewish people in the Warsaw Ghetto of Poland during World War II held off the Nazis for 33 days with only a handful of semi-automatic pistols and some grenades.

An armed citizenry also makes a foreign country think twice about invading our nation. In the early 1940s of World War II, Gen. Tojo of the Imperial Japanese Army informed his generals that an invasion of the U.S. West Coast wasn’t feasible. He said there would be a man with a rifle behind every tree and they would be as numerous as blades of grass.

Think twice of what you’re doing, young people. I believe it was Benjamin Franklin who said, “He who gives up his library for safety, deserves neither.”

James Dunn


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