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Follow children on sensible gun control

Don't forget to vote


I have never been more inspired, heartened or impressed with the youth of our country than I am today as I participate in and watch, “March for Our Lives.” 

They have created a huge movement, one that won’t give up. United, side by side, in each other’s arms, Asian, Hispanic, African American, Caucasian, male and female. The speakers are all unbelievably confident, poised, logical, articulate, caring and passionate. As I watch these kids, I think this is the best of humanity.

The government has abdicated its responsibility to protect life so there is the possibility to enjoy liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We, adults, have abdicated our responsibility to protect our children.

It’s time to follow our children and create sensible gun control legislation. Please vote.

Bernard Mirling

Saratoga Springs

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