Let’s give California back to Mexico

Win-win for everyone


We Americans have many things of which to be proud. But in achieving our manifest destiny and becoming a world power, there are many things that we cannot be proud of.

One such thing is our theft of what is now the state of California from Mexico in the 1800s. The time has come to undo that particular wrong by ceding California back to Mexico. This would be an unprecedented and magnanimous act of introspection.

The state of California and the United States would both benefit by such action. The people of California could welcome, openly and without guilt, anyone they felt needed sanctuary from any of our laws.

The United States would rid itself of malcontents like Nancy Pelosi and Jerry Brown, not to mention 55 liberally cast electoral votes. Reallocated ICE agents could enforce our laws where they are welcomed. Undocumented immigrants might actually begin to leave our country through California’s open borders.

The loser in such a tripartite action, however, would be Mexico. It would reacquire a vastly changed California. Once a lush paradise, but lacking leadership in recent years, it is now plagued by huge debt, the worst overall quality of life of all our states, high levels of legal and illegal drug addiction, and high poverty and crime rates. Many of its cities are in worse shape than Tijuana. So if we need to sweeten the deal, maybe we could offer up Seattle, too.

Jim Moorhead


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