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Just voting system is worth the cost

Let real democracy in


Democracy is the ethical foundation of our government. Voting is the basis of democracy. At what cost is this democracy (2017 dollars)?

Our sacred Revolution, 50,000 dead or maimed, $2.5 billion. The Civil War. The South seceded. The North voted to unite, then freed the slaves and let them vote. Cost: 1.5 million human casualties and $1 trillion. The cost of women’s suffrage was immeasurable misery and money, before and after women were legally allowed to vote. World War II, democracy almost lost. We mourned the deaths of 42 million people and the United States spent $4.5 trillion, all in the name of democracy.

So when politicians, red and blue, won’t pay a pittance of that for a just voting system, they spit on the graves of our patriots. Red and blue, I spit on you.

Congress members, lend me your ears. Open the door wide to automatic and same-day registration and early voting. Get every citizen voting with a system that is convenient, just and verifiable. All are a must. Or maybe like the census, make it mandatory.

We sent men to the moon, but you can’t make this happen? Federal and state governments, you are the laughingstock of the world. Let’s see who’s brave enough to open the doors wide and let the real democracy in.

Larry Fine


The writer is a member of Saratoga Progressive Action, Let NY Vote, Greenfield Democratic Party, Citizen Action.

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