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Looking forward to serving on board

Commitment to community


I have resided in the town of Glen since 1978, but — prior to last year — my commitment to my job in ethics, in addition to my commitment to take care of my ailing mother, never provided me adequate opportunity to actively participate in any local government functions.

However, now retired (and no longer being a full-time caregiver, as my mother passed at the age of 95), I had the honor of being appointed to the town’s planning board by Supervisor John Thomas and the Town Board March 12.

Three days later, I sat alongside my fellow Planning Board members for the first time. The members in attendance openly welcomed me as a neighbor and colleague. For that kindness and professional respect, I am grateful.

It’s now my great privilege to take my seat on this board to serve my community – a duty I take very seriously. During the next seven years, I look forward to bringing transparency to the board, as well as being dedicated to dealing with facts while carefully listening to the thoughts and comments of my fellow residents; the people I now serve.

Thank you for this opportunity, Supervisor Thomas. I truly appreciate you having asked me to serve my community. I am looking forward to the next seven years.

Rosalie Farina


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