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Man found dead following standoff with Gloversville police

Suspect appeared emotionally disturbed, police say
SWAT team on location at the North Main Street residence in Gloversville while a man is inside with a shotgun.
SWAT team on location at the North Main Street residence in Gloversville while a man is inside with a shotgun.

GLOVERSVILLE — City police said they found a man dead in an apartment after a standoff with an emotionally disturbed suspect armed with a shotgun.

The suspect’s name is being withheld pending a Saturday autopsy.

Officials say the incident began Friday shortly before noon when they received reports of a man with no shirt running in and out of a house carrying a shotgun. 

Police responded and were told a man was pointing the weapon at passing vehicles, and then entered an apartment house at 312 North Main St. at the corner of Seventh Avenue. There were no reports of shots fired.


Pictured: Johnstown Police Chief David Gilbo points to the house where the gunman is located. (Provided by Bill Trojan)

Police shut down a portion of North Main Street and established a perimeter.

They were aided by the Johnstown Police Department, the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department and the New York State Police.

Numerous attempts were made by law enforcement to make contact with the suspect by phone and public address systems, police said.

Information gathered from a variety of sources, including social media, indicated the man was inside a second-floor apartment. 

Police had no reason to believe that anyone else was in the apartment, although that could not be confirmed, they said.

Police classified the situation as an armed barricade involving an emotionally disturbed person.
Repeated attempts to contact the suspect but were unsuccessful.

A search warrant as well as an arrest warrant were issued. After learning that the suspect appeared to be down, a tactical team entered the second-floor apartment and found the man dead.

Police cleared all four apartments in the house. One person, unharmed, was located in a separate, second-floor apartment. That person was not involved in the incident, police said. An autopsy will be performed Saturday at Albany Medical Center by forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Sikirica.

Police did not release further information about the death.

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